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Acura ZDX To Return As Company's First Electric Model

Shortly after unveiling its Precision EV concept car, Acura has made another EV-related announcement at Monterey Car Week. The ZDX nameplate is making a comeback in the form of Acura's first electric vehicle, inspired by the Precision EV. And of course, it will offer a sporty Type S variant. The company's design team in Los Angeles is still adding the final touches to the production crossover's styling.

Like every other Acura, the ZDX will be a spruced-up version of one of Honda's models when it launches in 2024. In this case, it's the Prologue electric crossover. Both vehicles are the result of a partnership between GM and Honda, riding on the American automaker's Ultium all-electric platform. No performance specs have been released, but the platform supports batteries with capacities of 50 to 200 kWh.

A rumor from last year suggests that GM will also build the Acura ZDX at its plant in Spring Hill, Tennesse. The facility also manufactures Cadillac's Lyriq EV.

Along with the announcement of the ZDX electric crossover, Acura also said it will launch another model based on Honda's e:architecture in 2026. The Honda version will debut around the same time, but this is all we know about the two EVs.

Are you excited about the ZDX and its Type S variant?

Images: Acura


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