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Dodge To End ICE Era With A Bang With Powerful New Challenger Variant

Update: New reports indicate that the special edition could make up to 909 horsepower.

The days of high-horsepower, V8-powered Dodges are numbered, with the Charger and Challenger performance cars set to be discontinued in 2024. Of course, EVs are to blame, and Dodge is embracing electrification with a battery-powered muscle car of its own. But that doesn't mean it plans on ending its screaming gas-powered chapter without a proper sendoff.

Mopar Insiders reports that an upgraded version of the legendary 6.2 liter HEMI V8 is in the works, and will reportedly arrive in the form of a limited-production Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. In terms of upgrades, this special edition will use E85 fuel to raise output as high as it can get, possibly reaching the 850 horsepower mark. If this is true, that means it surpass the range-topping Demon by 10 horses when using high-octane power.

The rumor didn't disclose any information regarding torque, but other Hellcats are capable of producing over 700 lb-ft. Since the upcoming Hellcat swan song will be running on 85% ethanol, it's almost definite that it will offer insane levels of torque that no other Challenger could match.

Mopar Insiders suggests that this new Challenger model is part of Dodge's "Never Lift" business plan, which means that it'll be unveiled by late 2023. We don't know how many units will be made, but when the last one rolls off the assembly line, it will be ending an era of loud engines and tire smoke that we'll never forget.

Are you excited for this new Challenger variant, or are you more sad to see the HEMI V8 go?

Images: Dodge


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