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Genesis Looks To Dominate Every Luxury Segment They Can

Genesis is currently a sedan-only luxury brand from Hyundai. But, that will change very soon as the automaker is launching the GV80 SUV. Also coming soon os the redesigned G80 sedan. Both of these models present a bold new design language.

Genesis is already on a roll, but they're far from done. They plan to double, if not triple their lineup within the next year. So, what are they planning? First, they recently revealed their facelifted G70 compact sedan. A wagon variant is also on the way. Next, they will reveal their GV70 crossover. The GV70 will be very important to the brand because it will compete with the most popular models from BMW and Mercedes.

A sports car/coupe bearing the 'GT' nameplate will come around next year, and an EV model based on the Mint concept will follow. Lastly, a new G90 flagship sedan is coming sometime soon if recent prototypes are any indication. Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac, BMW, and Lincoln should really watch out.


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