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GM's 'Million Mile' EV Battery Is Under Development

The one weakness of EVs is that they can't go a certain distance without charging. GM seems to have a solution. It may sound ambitious, but GM is working on a million mile battery, which will reportedly underpin the upcoming GMC Hummer and the 'Ultium' battery that will appear on every EV GM will make. Producing cars with the ability to go one million miles without charge could rise GM to the top of the EV segment.

Their Ultium battery will also be able to 'cross the $100 kWh cost threshold', which will allow the vehicles to have similar prices to gas-powered cars. General Motors stated that multiple teams have started working on the batteries with zero-cobalt electrodes, solid-state electrolytes, and ultra-fast-charging. Again, this should rise GM to the top.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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