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Here Is Every Super Bowl Car Commercial Airing This Year

Over the past few weeks, we've seen automakers like GM, Nissan, and Toyota release their car commercials for this weekend's Super Bowl LVI. You'll see the usual mix of comedy and well-known celebrities showing off the latest new cars, as well as ads from Carvana, WeatherTech, and Vroom. From cute robot dogs to an electrifying Greek god, here are all of the car commercials you'll be seeing tomorrow night.

(1. Zeus and Hera - BMW

BMW's Super Bowl LVI ad features Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Greek god Zeus, as well as Salya Hayek as his wife, Hera. The god of thunder decides to retire to Palm Springs, California, but being able to shoot lightning from his fingertips is becoming a problem. At least, until he purchases the all-new BMW iX. As Zeus drives the luxury SUV along a palm tree-lined road, he uses his powers to turn all of the traffic lights green.

(2. Dr. EV-il - General Motors

Just like last year's ad trying to beat Norway, GM's Big Game ad for this year revolves around EVs. Austin Powers' Dr. Evil has taken over General Motors, just when he finds out that he has been downgraded to the world's second threat. The biggest threat is, you guessed it, climate change. In order to defeat climate change and return to being the world's number one threat, Dr. Evil must go electric with GM's Ultium EV platform. You'll be able to spot the Chevrolet Silverado EV, Cadillac Lyriq, GMC Hummer EV, BrightDrop EV600, and multiple Cadillac concepts in the commercial.

(3. Robo Dog - Kia

Kia's Big Game commercial this year includes an adorable robot dog, who just wants to have an owner. When it sees a man charging his Kia EV6, it runs out of the store, just when the electric crossover pulls out of its parking spot. The robot dog chases the EV6 through the city, leaping from building to building, until its battery runs out. The owner uses the EV6's Vehicle-to-Load feature to recharge the robot dog's battery.

(4. Thrill Driver - Nissan

If you like to see tons of celebrities in your Super Bowl commercials, this is the ad for you. It features actor Eugene Levy taking the new Nissan Z for a spin, when he suddenly finds himself in an action movie filled with helicopters, explosions, motorcycles, and a modified 300ZX. You'll see tons of other movie stars in the 60-second clip, including Brie Larson, who is the star of Nissan's 'Thrill' ad campaign. The all-electric Nissan Ariya also has a cameo in this action-packed commercial.

(5. No Cliches - Polestar

Polestar surprised us when it released a teaser for its first-ever Big Game ad. As the teaser suggests, there will be no special stunts or celebrity cameos anywhere to be seen. Instead, the electric carmaker could be using the ad to inform people of its existence. This would make sense due to Polestar's scarce number of retailers, and its lack of general advertising. We should be seeing the full commercial very soon.

(6. 'Brothers' and 'The Joneses' -Toyota

Toyota's Super Bowl commercial is based on a true story about two brothers that compete in several different sports, when one of them loses his eyesight. They continue to live out their passion for sports, even though one of them can't see very well, and end up winning ten paralympic medals.

Toyota will also be airing a more upbeat ad called 'The Joneses.' From the teaser, we know that three Tundra owners named Jones are trying to race each other through desert terrain.

(7. Oversharing Mom - Carvana

Carvana's Super Bowl LVI ad features a woman that had a very good experience with the used car delivery service, and just can't stop talking about it. She shares the benefits of Carvana to her family, friends, neighbors, and even her dentist.

(8. Flake the Musical - Vroom

Vroom is a familiar company when it comes to Super Bowl commercials, and its latest ad is a fake musical. It starts with a woman that just purchased her new car from a "flakey" seller, and her joy spreads through the whole neighborhood. And yes, it essentially sparks a short musical. However, it then switches to the Vroom delivery experience, which proves to be the better way to buy a car.

(9: Special Ops - WeatherTech

While WeatherTech doesn't make or sell cars, they do offer handy accessories like floor mats and cupholders. WeatherTech has aired Super Bowl commercials for almost a decade now, and this year's creative ad features the 'special ops unit.' This army quickly installs numerous WeatherTech accessories from the customer's front door to his Ford Explorer.

(10: Walter in Winter - Chevrolet

Chevy's latest Super Bowl ad features the Silverado ZR1, and a cat that acts like a dog. Its owner doesn't realize just how abnormal that is, especially when the cat starts digging snow away from a trapped skier.

Which Super Bowl LVI ad is your favorite?

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27. Feb. 2022

Definitely Dr. EV-il !!

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