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How Would You Feel If The Toyota Sequoia Looked Like This?

Toyota has A LOT of SUVs and crossovers, from the ultra-huge Land Cruiser to the cute, funky CH-R, to the elegant Venza to the family-sized Highlander and practical RAV4. The Sequoia sits below the Land Cruiser and above the Highlander as a decade-old Chevy Tahoe competitor. This rendering shows what the SUV should have looked like, and we wish it was real.

This rendering has a fresher style, along with more modern, trendy touches. The headlight's LED strip even connects to the grille's silver chrome lining. Also, the taillights and paint-color 'Sequoia' logo are inspired by the RAV4. Also, some of the SUV's original design cues connect seamlessly with the rest of the updated vehicle. It just looks amazing.

The rendering isn't real, but we sure wish it was. Don't expect a newer Sequoia until 2022 at the earliest.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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