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Hyundai To Launch Several EVs By 2022

Hyundai is hitting it out of the park right now, and although most of these new vehicles are gas models, that could soon change. A chart released by Hyundai shows all of their current hybrids, PHEVs, EVs, and fuel cell models. A few covered vehicles are on the list, but eight more are to join them by 2022.

Currently making up Hyundai's eco-friendly end of the spectrum are the Sonata Hybrid/PHEV, Nexo Fuel Cell, and Kona EV. We know that the Ioniq 5 hatchback and Ioniq 6 sedan are coming before 2022 ends, but the Ioniq 7 SUV isn't coming until 2024. Also, Hyundai isn't including the current Ioniq fastback because it is probably leaving us soon.

According to the chart at the top, an Elantra Hybrid is on the way, likely coming on sale in 2021. The 2022 Tucson will gain a hybrid variant, and the new Santa Fe is receiving hybrid and PHEV versions. The recently facelifted Kona EV is definitely coming here as well. Also, the Nexo fuel cell crossover might expand availability to all of the United States (it is only available in California as of now).

Past the EVs and hybrids, Hyundai looks to cover every segment possible, with the Santa Cruz small pickup on the way, and more N and N Line performance cars coming next year. A bigger, tougher SUV is possible, as well as a larger pickup truck.

Source Credits: Motor1


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