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Infiniti Will Preview The New QX60 SUV Very Soon

Infiniti is struggling. Sales have been slow, and most of their models are outdated. The Q30, QX30, Q70, and Q70L were all discontinued recently due to extremely slow sales. Nissan, also having trouble lately, has a revival plan and Infiniti is included. The brand will go by a new 'Nissan-Plus' approach, instead of trying to surpass Lexus, Mercedes and BMW. They will also overhaul thew entire lineup with a new design language, new tech innovations, and more ways to lure buyers. The QX55 coupe crossover is coming, and something even more important: the QX60 three-row SUV. It stands in a segment that every automaker is trying to target. The upcoming QX60 Monograph Concept previews what is to come.

The prototype is arriving on September 25th, and will "visualize how the brand will transform the nameplate." So, it isn't the real thing. The teaser shows LED daytime-running headlights and an illuminated Infiniti logo. The light-up logo shouldn't make it to production. Infiniti knows that their design language is already sleek enough, so don't expect drastic changes in design from the new Infiniti lineup.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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