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Lexus Files Trademark For Two Mysterious Models

Lexus is a busy brand right now. They released the facelifted RX and redesigned IS models earlier this year, and revealed the LC 500 convertible, later giving it an interesting Regatta Edition. Now, they have filed trademark fro two names. The first one is 'LBX'.

LBX was trademarked in Asia, Europe and Israel, and has yet to be filed for the US. It was also described as 'automobiles and structural parts thereof'. LBX doesn't relate well to other current models, so it could be a new chassis, platform, or infotainment system. If it were a new model, it would likely be another sports car, such as a successor to the legendary LFA.

The second name is RZ 450e, so we know for a fact that it is a model. It will reportedly be electric, since there is an E behind the name. We know that in Lexus' lineup, 'X' represents crossovers (UX, NX, RX, RXL, GX, LX), 'S' represents sedans (IS, ES, LS), and 'C' represents coupes (RC, RCF, LC). 'Z' does not currently stand in the brand's model portfolio, so this RZ 450e model could be a new type of vehicle. We think that it will slot in between the UX and NX crossovers as a coupe crossover. If so, it would be similarly sized to the Tesla Model Y, which is obviously their main target for this model.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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