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New Mercedes-AMG SL Will Replace The GT Roadster

As Mercedes tones down their lineup to make way for new models, some of our favorite Mercedes vehicles will have to go. The latest example is the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, which will be discontinued once the upcoming AMG-SL performance convertible goes on sale.

Mercedes thinks that fans of the GT Roadster will enjoy the new SL. They said it will be more fun to drive than its more laid back predecessor, the SLK, thanks to all-wheel drive and new AMG powertrains. Mercedes is also keeping in mind “that the roots of the SL are in racing,” and SL does stand for ‘Sport Lightweight’. The luxury automaker also stated that the new SL will be more focused on younger buyers as well.

Back to the AMG-GT Roadster, we aren’t very surprised, but this is disappointing for GT fans, especially after announcements of the GT R being discontinued, too. According to the AMG-SL’s release date of late 2021/early 2022, the Roadster could disappear around that time frame, so any interested buyers don’t need to panic just yet. Also, the AMG GT is due for a redesign towards the middle of 2022, so the Roadster probably won’t come back for a while.

As we await new Mercedes models, old ones are continuing to fade away. For example, CLS four-door coupe is loving on borrowed time with the much faster AMG-GT four door taking away sales, and the upcoming storm of EQ electric vehicles should kill off a few slow-sellers as well. Despite the discontinuation of the AMG GT Roadster, we are confident that the SL will be a fitting replacement.

Images: Mercedes


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