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Tesla Model 3 Refresh Leaks Out Showing Roadster-Inspired Face

Tesla is expected to introduce an updated version of the popular Model 3 later this year, but not much has been known about it. At least, until now. The refreshed model, known inside the company as Project Highland, was apparently spotted in what appears to be a warehouse of some sort, and now the image is making rounds across social media.

The image originated in a Reddit post, before making its way over to Twitter. Many argue whether or not this prototype is real, but its revised body lines do closely resemble camouflaged prototypes that were previously spotted out in the wild. Unless someone out there boasts mad Photoshop skills, the Model 3 seen here bears a significantly redesigned face that takes clear inspiration from the Roadster concept shown in 2017. The current vertical headlights have been replaced by simpler horizontal ones, and the whole front fascia is much cleaner than before.

Along the side, we can spot new wheels and what seems to be redesigned side mirrors. While it's hard to determine the state of the flush door handles, they appear to be absent from the updated Model 3, which means Tesla could be taking an approach similar to the Ford Mustang Mach E. The rear remains covered with a sheet, but camouflaged prototypes indicate that changes there will be of a similar magnitude.

If this image is indeed real, Tesla has some major changes in store for the Model 3, and we've only seen the front end. Whether significant changes are also coming to the interior, powertrains, and infotainment remains to be seen, but according to rumors, it's very likely that the interior in particular will be receiving updates.

Since Tesla is notorious for ignoring model years, it's hard to say exactly when the facelifted Model 3 will arrive. Most likely, it will break cover later this year as either a 2024 model or a very late 2023 vehicle. Tesla is also known for adjusting prices erratically, which makes the latest Model 3's MSRP just as difficult to predict.

Do you think this Model 3 prototype is real?


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