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The Fiat 500 Goes Electric

The Fiat 500 is pretty much gone in America, but Europe and Asia get a newer, cuter 500 for 2021.

It seems like Fiat did a good job refreshing their icon. The styling is cleaner, and more electric-looking, since it's electric. An Abarth version and maybe even a new 500X, 500C, and 500L will arrive later. The 500e is basically what the new 500 is, except, it is the normal 500. In other words, the 500 is now the 500e.

This 500 is shown as a convertible. We still don't know whether the 500 will become a convertible like this, or if it is just shown as an option. Also, the stripe across the side is cool. The new 500's interior finally keeps up with the competition, but it is way too normal. The old 500 had fun colors, such as red, green, and white. The new interior is shown in a normal black, gray, and beige. The touchscreen is something that was never in a 500 before, so that is good, but the old 500 also had fun rounded shapes. For example, the speedometer and instrument cluster were both circular. The new one has a circular speedometer, but that's it. The interior is also bigger, which seems wrong for such a tiny car.

The old interior is way moe fitting, but we also understand that Fiat sort of has to include a touchscreen these days. Below is a 2019 500e.

The new Fiat 500 is not confirmed for the US yet, and that may be a sign that it is not coming. Recently slow sales are a good reason.

Even though it probably isn't US bound, it will definitely be a great car, and turning an icon into an electric car is a big, yet exciting change.


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