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This Is Maserati's Ambitious Plan To Go All-Electric

As automakers everywhere rush to create as many EVs as possible, Maserati has announced their own plan. Long story short, their entire lineup will be electric in just five years. That is not a lot of time, especially considering that they just started with a mere hybrid.

But, some models will be hybrids rather than full electric vehicles. The MC20 supercar, which was recently revealed, will gain an EV version soon. Also, the next generation GranTurismo and GranCabrio sports cars will be fully electric (we'll really miss the growl of the current model). The upcoming Grecale compact crossover will receive an electric variant, and the Ghibli Hybrid's powertrain could carry over to that, as well as the Quattroporte sedan.

As for the Levante crossover, the brand hasn't revealed their plans for that model yet. We expect a similar plan to the MC20 and Quattroporte. Also, as a reminder, the Ghibli compact sedan will no longer be available by the time these models get electrified.

It's surprising, and quite sad, to see an automaker that produces loud, rumbling, fast cars transform into an EV manufacturer in just five years, but this is the case for many other brands across the industry.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

Image Credits: Maserati


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