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10 Cheapest Cars That Are Worth Buying

Don't expect all cheap cars to look and feel cheap. Automakers care about all of their models, even the entry-level ones. These perfect cars are easy to find. Also, not all of them are being discontinued like the Chevy Cruze and Ford Fiesta.

(1: Kia Forte - $18,715

The Forte is Kia's second smallest sedan, and is packed with style and practicality. It is the best-looking Forte yet. You can pay a bit more for a sportier GT model.

(2: Subaru Impreza - $18,695

The Impreza is a popular car, being available in sedan and hatchback variants. There's also a lifted version called the Crosstrek. It is reliable, and was recently updated, so 2020 is the latest version. A 2019 model is older, yet the changes are minor.

(3: Kia Soul - $18,535

The Soul is one of Kia's icons, and was redesigned for the 2019 model year, so it won't be tweaked any time soon. It may be small, yet it is mighty, and quite spacious.

(4: Chevrolet Sonic - $17,595

The Sonic is an endangered species at the moment, being one of Chevy's two remaining small cars. It is not definite that the Sonic will go away, but if it does, there will be discounts. The Sonic is full of fun style as well.

(5: Kia Rio - $16,675

Kia recently gave it a generous refresh, making it safer, and more up-to-date than ever. Kia still cares about their small cars and sedans. It is perfect for buyers on a budget.

(6: Toyota Yaris - $17,750

The Yaris is all new for 2020, making it identical to the Yaris sedan. The new Yaris is basically a rebadged Mazda2 with a different grille and headlights.

(7: Hyundai Accent - $15,925

Hyundais are some of the best cars out there, being known for safety, style, and reliability all in one. You can't go wrong with the Accent.

(8: Nissan Versa - $15,625

The Versa is definitely the most stylish of the bunch, being redesigned last year. It is no longer the cheapest car in America, yet it makes sense. Nissan loaded it with tech and style, but making sure it stays affordable. Good job, Nissan! It features the latest sedan styling, such as the V-Motion grille, and the floating roof.

(9: Chevrolet Spark - $14,095

The Spark is bigger, yet cheaper than the Sonic. It is more SUV-like as well. It is perfect for small car buyers who need some style in their ride. Also, most Chevys, like the Traverse SUV, have teenage driver assist, helping them drive safely.

(10: Mitsubishi Mirage - $14,990

Mitsubishi lightly refreshed the Mirage for this year, making it way better. It still looks similar, though. The refresh brings the latest styling.


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