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5 Most Reliable Cars Brands In 2021

Reliability is not something that every car does well at, and most buyers want their new car to last a long time without constantly dealing with recalls and expensive repairs. Here are ten automakers that offer some of the most reliable vehicles on the road.

(1: Lexus

Lexus cars are known for running strong for many years, and this year marks the ninth time since 2011 that J.D. Power has ranked the luxury brand number one in their annual reliability study. The average life expectancy for Lexus vehicles is about 10 years. Vehicles like the GS and RX are said to last until almost 100,000 miles without any major repairs, though many longtime Lexus owners boast that their cars are still going strong at over 300,000 miles, especially large SUVs like the GX and LX. The most well-known Lexus for reliability is the 1989 Lexus LS sedan, but you can't go wrong with any of their vehicles when it comes to reliability.

(2: Porsche

Porsche may be overlooked in reliability, as most other Volkswagen Group brands like Audi and Volkswagen itself often suffer from low reliability ratings. But, the performance brand ranked second in reliability for 2021, which proves that not all German cars are unreliable, and we've seen Porsche come out near the top in this category before. Despite the good ratings, when repairs start to build up after several years, they could get costly with a $400 average price for maintenance. Porsche vehicles usually last for about 155,000 miles or 10 years. In fact, the Macan and Cayenne crossovers rank high among their competitors, and sports cars like the 911 and 718 last for 100,000 miles or more.

(3: Kia

Kia has ranked third in JD Power's study this year, topping its cousins at Hyundai and almost all Japanese brands. The reliability of Kia's vehicles are not a straightforward as Lexus, since the reliability varies with the model and year of production, as well as vehicle maintenance. The average amount of miles that a Kia can last is about 200,000 miles, with the most dependable Kia models being the Telluride and Sportage, which received five out of five stars from Consumer Reports in predicted reliability. An older Kia model that usually lasts a while is the third generation Rio, which was given the J.D. Power "most dependable" award in 2018.

(4: Toyota

Toyota vehicles are some of the most common cars on the road, and that is probably because they are known to last for about 300,000 miles, or 10 years. Toyota takes fourth place on the list, which isn't too far behind its luxury arm, Lexus. The Toyota Corolla is the most reliable passenger car out there from Toyota with a comfortable driving experience that lasts almost ten years, if you don't count the Land Cruiser (the Land Cruiser can last for 25 years, even when off-roading frequently). The Corolla is followed by the 4Runner, Tundra 2WD, Avalon, and Sienna, which all received "most dependable" ratings in 2020.

(5: Buick/Cadillac

Buick stands as the highest ranking American automaker in J.D. Power's reliability ratings, and shares the honor with GM's luxury brand, Cadillac. Both automakers received fifth place on the list for this year. Cadillac vehicles have a surprising life expectancy of about 150,000 miles, or up to 15 years. Some lucky owners have their Cadillac's running for 400,000 miles. The SRX crossover, which was discontinued in 2016, is among the most dependable cars from the automaker, as well as its successor, the XT5, and the CTS sedan. As for Buick, their cars can last for 200,000 miles with good maintenance (like everyone else). The Buick Regal was known as a very reliable sedan that received decent ratings, but since it was recently put out of production, the Encore crossover now serves as the longest-lasting Buick model.

Source Credits: J.D. Power, Consumer Reports

Images: Lexus, Porsche, Kia, Toyota


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