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15 Cars and Trucks Coming Soon

The future is always full of new and exciting vehicles. Now there are more new cars than ever, as car brands gradually shift to EV platforms and powertrains. Here they are:

(1: 2021 Ford F-150

With Ram on the verge of winning over Ford, the F-150 has to defend back. It will have the latest tech, Sync 4, bigger infotainment screen, and luxurious quality.

(2: 2021 Chevrolet Traverse

The Traverse was aging, so Chevrolet restyled it with new tech and safety features. The exterior is the most noticeable change.

(3: 2021 Hummer EV

The debut has been canceled, so we won't see the new Hummer for a while, but we know that it will be GM's answer to Tesla, Ford and Rivian.

(4: 2022 Lexus LQ

The Lexus LX replacement will be amazing, and will be way more competitive. The boxy shape is gone.

(5: 2022 Mazda6

Mazda says the new 6 will be completely redesigned, and based on several concepts. It will have a cleaner, more modern design, along with a more traditional luxury sedan shape.

(6: Next-Gen Land Rover Range Rover

The Range rover has been around for a while, but it has aged well. The new version coming in a few years will resemble the newer Evoque and Velar.

(7: 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand cherokee is about a decade old, and it is time for a refresh. This concept predicts what it will look like along with the Grand Wagoneer.

(8: 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE

For the first time, Toyota gives the Highlander the XSE treatment with sportier styling, better performance, and new wheels.

(9: 2022 Toyota GR Corolla

The GR Corolla shows that Toyota is trying to shed its boring reputation with the GR badge. It might turn the Corolla into something cool. It also serves as the hot hatch that we get rather than the ultimate GR Yaris.

(10: 2021 C8 Corvette Z06

The Z06 will finally come to the c8 generation, bringing cooler performance and styling, making the already-awesome C8 look more normal.

(11: 2021 Lexus LC-F

The LC will finally get the F Sport trim we've been waiting for. It is already the coolest Lexus out there, so why not make it even cooler?

(12: 2022 Subaru Evoltis

The Evoltis is a very cool name, and it seems like it will be the most exciting Subaru yet. It will also be their answer to Tesla.

(13: Next-Gen Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ

The Toyota GT86 dates back to when the Scion brand was discontinued, and the next generation of the pair will bring better styling, tech, and performance. The GT name will disappear, being replaced by the growing GR badge.

(14: 2022 Lincoln Electric SUV

Ford bought part of Rivian, and it only makes sense to make a luxury sibling for the Ford Mach E, this mystery crossover will be built by Rivian.

(15: 2021 BMW 5 Series Facelift

The 5 Series is aging, so thinner headlights and revised bumpers and taillights will refresh it enough for the next few years. BMW said that the 5 Series will not wear a huge grille, thankfully.


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