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2020 Audi A5/S5 Review

Audi's coupe/sedan got a few changes for 2020, making it look a lot newer like the other models. Its faster sibling, the S5, has a reduced price, making it 500 dollars less. A new 10.1" infotainment system is added, giving it a more modern look on the inside, and, the slightly smaller A4 just gained it in its 2020 facelift as well. The 2020 A5 just went on sale, so you do not have to wait to get the newest version of the A5.

Again, the cheaper price is great for buyers. Sales will likely grow because this price cut can slightly fit into some people's budgets.

Audi A5

The exterior changes keep the A5 new looking, even though we did not think it needed one before it was revealed. The headlight design is bolder, but less creative than before, including a dotted line that curves down to the bottom when it reaches the end of the headlight. This serves as the day-running lights, which is a key design for newer Audi vehicles. The grille stays similar to the previous generation, although it has a honeycomb grille like the old S5, and ditches the horizontal silver lines for good. The fog lights are better than before, with a silver square/oval shape interrupting the fog light pattern. Another choice is a regular black fog light. The lower grille is small, which cleans up the front end.

The rear includes anther dotted line design like the front, making it look more cool. Also, Audi gives most of its models a standard blinker animation in the front and back, which moves from right to left. The exhaust pipes are now squared, making the design clean.

The interior, like we mentioned before, now includes a new 10.1" display, putting more cutting edge tech into the vehicle.

The new interior also has available ambient lighting in the interior, making the ride more fun and more luxurious. The polished detail gives the interior a sporty new look. A 2019 model has a slightly smaller infotainment screen, and less options. The gearshift is a bit wide, while a thinner one would be easier to control. That is one thing Audi should fix. There is also a lack of storage below the dashboard. The only places to store things are the cupholders and the deep curve under the dashboard display, or in the glove compartment. Otherwise, the interior is great if easy storage is not a serious need. Also, take a look between the 2019 A5 (top) and the 2020 A5 (bottom) and notice the changes:

(Note: the 2019 version is shown in the for door option, and the 2020 version is shown as the coupe option.)

Here are the key features of the A5:

- Price: $43,895

- Engine: 248-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic

- Horsepower: 248 hp

- Top Speed: 155 mph

- 0-60 mph: 4.5 seconds

- MPG: 23 city 34 highway

- Seating: Up to 5 (The coupe can seat up to 4)

- Overall Length:

Sportback- 186.3"

Coupe- 184.0"

Audi S5

The bold, new exterior brings on a more fierce appearance, turning more heads. The S5 has a reduced price like the A5, and has similar looks to the A5, but here is the difference: the S5 is faster, cooler, pricier, and stronger. The S5's new style makes it even better than before. The headlights and taillights are the same as the A5, but the updated grille no longer includes a honeycomb design. Instead, short lines evenly spaced throughout the grille give an illusion of a silver rectangle design. The interrupting silver square/oval is also available in the S5. Another foglight option is an overturned, sloppy pentagon with a small design above it , which is shown below.

The rear includes a silver streak that runs above the circular double exhaust pipes and reflectors, giving it a clean, but sporty style. Of course, the animated blinkers are also standard on the S5, also with an add-on that makes the blinkers animate when you walk to or from the car. A small rear spoiler is also available, and can come in paint color or black. The new exterior design levels up the competition, making the S5 even more noticeable than before.

The window designs vary between the 2 door and 4 door. The 2 door window goes down at a sharp angle, while the 4 door window (which personally looks better) slightly goes up, giving resemblance to the previous generation of the bigger A7.

The interior is mostly the same, but is more sporty. It is shown in dark colors a lot of times. Two tone colors are available as well. Nothing is that different in the S5 interior when compared to the A5. Here is an image of the more expensive RS5:

Here are the key features:

- Price: $52,895

- Engine: V6 3.0 Liter TFSI

- Horsepower: 349 hp

- Top Speed: about 155 mph

- 0-60 mph: 4.4 seconds

- Seating:Up to 5 (The coupe can seat up to 4)

- Overall Length:

Sportback- 186.3"

Coupe- 184.0"

Overall, both the A5 and S5 are great, efficient vehicles that are perfect for buyers aiming at the ride of a sports car and the style and features of a luxury car.


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