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2021 BMW 2 Series Leaked, Looks Sharp

BMW stated that a new 2 will come next year, since the current version is getting outdated. It will be exciting, with better tech, a more powerful M trim, and sharp styling. Although it won't look like the cool 2 Series Gran Coupe, it looks amazing.

The headlights are smaller than we thought, and thankfully the grille isn't huge. But, the M2 has a chance of a big grille. The taillights are a bit quirky, but they look similar to the current 2 Series.

The 2 Series cabin will likely have a bigger infotainment screen, updated software, an more. We don't know for sure because the interior hasn't leaked. This could hopefully come to showrooms early next year, but coronavirus has likely delayed its debut.

We are very excited to see this new 2 Series, and we hope the wait isn't too long.


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