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2021 Ford Bronco First Look

Ford's Bronco takes the spotlight as many fans celebrate and laugh at the Wrangler. The Bronco and Bronco Sport's First Edition trims sold out within just hours. In fact, Ford's website recently crashed.


The 2021 Bronco arrives with retro styling, similar to the clean lines of the original model. Ford actually scanned the old Bronco in order to design the new one. It features circular headlights almost exactly the same as before, "BRONCO" spanning across the small grille. It has removable doors and a removable roof, allowing owners to enjoy the breeze. The 4dr model even has room to store the roof panels! The rear features thin vertical taillights. A spare tire comes standard. The mounted side mirrors are designed to keep your eyes on the road, even when the doors and roof aren't there. That is not offered anywhere else. Something else the Wrangler can't beat is the Bronco's steel chassis and independent front suspension. The back of the vehicle has a strong rear axle, coilover springs and five locating links, helping it tackle the rough terrain. An available disconnection semi-active hydraulic stabilizer bar, helping the wheels connect while enabling better ramp angling to further climb rocks and debris.

Bronco's engine options include an EcoBoost 2.3 liter and an EcoBoost four-cylinder. A V6 is also offered with automatic transmission. Something else new that the Bronco introduces is its G.O.A.T terrain management system (Go Over Any Terrain). It includes seven different modes to help conquer any surface: Normal, Eco, Baja, Sand/Slippery, Mud, Rock Crawl, and Sport. Customers can choose between Base and Advanced 4x4 systems. Tow hooks, steel bumpers and available Winch Mount help you get out of any sticky situation. Ford's new off-roader also has a new Trail Toolbox, consisting of helpful features to provide easy, fun adventures. Trail Control, Trail Turn Assist, Trail One-Pedal Drive, 11.6" ground clearance, 29 degree break-over angle, 37.2 degree departure angle, and a 33.5" water fording capability. A new Sasquatch package includes big 35" tires.

The interior includes modern, rugged styling, wipeable surfaces, a SYNC 4 touchscreen, G.O.A.T modes, rear-seat hooks, available under-seat storage, and a center console.

The optional 12" touchscreen includes cameras, navigation units, 1,000 different trail maps, and more. It offers a variety of trim levels, from Base to Big Bend, and from Wildtrak to First Edition. More customizations include four content packages, 11 colors, 200+ dealer packages, and many available options. Thee numbers will only grow each and every year. The Bronco 2dr's $29,995 base price and the $100 reservation fee are the only prices revealed for now.

Bronco Sport: First Look Coming Soon

Source Credits (Photos):Ford


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