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2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Caught On The Road, With A V6?

The new 2021 Ford F-150 is on its way to showrooms, but we are still waiting for the EV and especially the Raptor. The latest F-150 Raptor is under more pressure as the Ram 1500 TRX claims to be the most powerful pickup truck ever. Rumors suggest that Ford will keep themselves on Ram's tail with giving the next Raptor a supercharged V8 engine. But, the video below catches the new Raptor on the highway, but it sounds like a V6.

At a certain point in the video, the prototype stops at a red light. As the light turns green, the truck speeds off. But, we don't quite hear the rev of a typical V8 engine. This could mean that the truck on video has a V6 instead. We're not disappointed yet, though, since other rumors say that the performance truck will offer both a V6 ad a V8. We hope that's the truth.

The non-Raptor F-150. Image Credits: Ford

Even if it is just a V6, it will upgrade both its horsepower and payload capacity by a lot. That would be thanks to an electrified twin-turbo V6 similar to the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring. When the Raptor is revealed (and that should be rather soon), it might offer a ten-speed automatic transmission and a cool new color called 'Code Orange'.

Source Credits: The Fast Lane Truck


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