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2021 Hyundai Tucson Teased, Looks Astonishing

The current Hyundai Tucson crossover has been around since 2015, gaining a simple refresh in 2019. Sales have been smooth, but it's time for the 4th generation to come out. Hyundai teased the new vehicle before its September 14th debut, and it looks bold. Every Hyundai looks bold these days, but this one is bolder.

Hyundai carried over several design cues from the Vision T Concept, including the futuristic headlights that camouflage into the grille. The side profile is also shockingly similar. For more flair, Hyundai added a futuristic interior and Mustang-like taillights.

Hyundai told us earlier in the year that this new Tucson will make people 'freak out', and we think it really will. A new Kia Sportage is to follow its lead. We cannot wait to see the whole thing.


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