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2021 Mercedes SL Test Mule Is Pretty Wacky

A new Mercedes SL is expected in 2021, and test mules are already being spotted on the road. In fact, the test mules so far are squeezed up Mercedes E-Classes. They basically took a Mercedes SL wheelbase and squished an E-Class into it. It is very weird looking.

Obviously, this is just a test mule, so don't worry. This is not the actual SL. The new SL will likely have available rear seats to be different from the AMG GT, and there probably won't be a hardtop option, considering the fact that coupes are unpopular these days. It will reportedly have 800 horsepower and big differences to make their little convertible more interesting, more luxurious, more stylish, and hopefully, faster than ever. Mercedes says that they are thinking about making the SL an official AMG model and will go on sale in 2021 offering four engine options. With a new SL coming, Mercedes also says that they are working on a new AMG GT as well. It will be interesting to see how Mercedes' new sports car lineup turns out to be.

Images: Unknown


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