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2023 Honda Civic Type R Arrives With More Power Than Ever Before

Despite being around for 30 years in its home market, the Honda Civic Type R hot hatch made its US debut in 2017, with the introduction of the 10th generation model. After proving that a Civic-badged car can, in fact, deliver a thrilling ride, Honda has introduced a completely redesigned Type R that offers even more tech, style, and power than ever before.

As usual, the Type R is based on the standard Civic hatchback, and every panel except for the pillars, roof, front doors, and rear hatch is completely new. It's also longer, lower, and wider than before, with an aerodynamic body kit that has been toned down considerably compared to the outgoing model. Up front, the mesh upper grille displays the Type R's exclusive red Honda badge front and center. Most will be happy to see that the sportier front bumper forgoes the excessive intakes from last year, with an enlarged lower grille taking the spotlight instead. Redesigned side skirts are flanked by wider fenders, which also allow for wider tires. Meanwhile, the rear doors have been stretched slightly to highlight the Type R's aggressive stance. This hot hatch's iconic trio of round exhaust outlets take center stage within the new diffuser, which is part of a reshaped rear bumper.

Five colors will be on the menu at launch, including Historic Championship White, Rallye Red, Boost Blue, Sonic Gray, and Crystal Black.

Stability and responsiveness at higher speeds has been strengthened with a lighter, more rigid body, and the laugh-inducing experience behind the wheel has been enhanced with an improved suspension and better steering.

Honda claims that this 11th-generation model is the most powerful Type R ever created, though exact output is still a mystery. We do know that the current version's turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder remains, but has been fine-tuned in order to squeeze out every last drop of power. The six-speed manual also carries over from last year with slight adjustments, so this Civic is keeping things old-school.

Of course, the vastly improved cabin from the standard 11th-gen Civic finds it way into the Type R with a cleaner look and upgraded tech. The Type R's famed red interior is very evident here, with the sport seats, carpet, badges and stitching in bright red. Honda describes the updated upholstery as "suede-like," with a higher coefficient of friction to keep the driver in place at higher speeds. The digital driver's display features a +R mode, which shows real-time information to the driver regarding performance and driving responses.

There's still a lot about the new Type R that we don't know, like the vehicle's output and underpinnings. It's typical of Honda to show off its upcoming vehicles, before revealing more details at launch. This will likely be the last pure gas Type R we'll ever see, so we'd better enjoy this stick shift hot hatch while we can. It will hit US dealers this fall, likely with a starting price of around $40,000.

What's your favorite part about the 2023 Type R?

Images: Honda


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