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2024 Infiniti QX80 Will Introduce A New Brand Image

The Infiniti QX80 is aging quickly, causing it to slip behind the rest of its competitors as a result. Despite its current generation being over ten years old, Infiniti has been trying to hide its age with a major refresh in 2018, followed by a tech overhaul for the 2022 model year. But these attempts to keep the luxury SUV feeling new are proving futile, due to its decade-old powertrains and underpinnings. Fortunately, a complete redesign is said to be on the way, and it will be crucial to Infiniti's survival.

Automotive News recently spoke to Infiniti Chairman Peyman Kargar, who told the publication that the next QX80 will introduce an all-new design direction and upgraded brand image. The first thing Infiniti will do to get itself back on track will be to distance the QX80 from the Nissan Armada as much as possible. Currently, the luxury SUV shares too many similarities with its Nissan counterpart, making the Armada a better buy overall. In order to change that, the Japanese automaker will focus more on main rivals from Lexus, Land Rover, and BMW.

A new design direction will also make its debut on the new QX80, and it will trickle down to other Infiniti models in the future. These other Infiniti models will promote a new brand identity in areas such as design, performance, and build quality. Kargar also said that there will be an updated dealership identity, which will be presented to retailers as a suggestion and won't be mandatory for current dealers.

Of course, this company overhaul will be followed by an onslaught of new EVs, starting with its first fully electric model in 2025. It will come in the form of a sedan, and could be similar in size to the current Q50. Infiniti is also planning an all-electric compact SUV, as well as a coupe-SUV version of the QX60 crossover.

Are you excited to see what Infiniti has in store for the future?

Images: Infiniti


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