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7 Discontinued Wagons That Could Have Been Given Another Chance

Before SUVs, wagons were the only way for families to get around with enough cargo and legroom. But, SUVs have been causing wagons to disappear in the US, and some of them were good ones.

(1: Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

The Cadillac CTS-V sport sedan was the last true performance car from the American luxury automaker. For a decent amount of time, a wagon version was offered. The crisp lines gave it a presence that the sedan could never really make. It was discontinued before the newer 2014 model arrived.

(2: Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

As the Volkswagen Golf enters a new generation, the US market only receives the GTI and R performance models. No standard trims, no SportWagen, no Alltrack. The Alltrack in particular could have stayed around for at least one more generation for one reason: the unrivaled Subaru Outback. We really like the Europe-only 2021 model above, and we think it could have been worth it.

(3: Buick Regal TourX

The Buick Regal is the premium brand's final sedan, and it took the TourX wagon with it. The TourX always had a more European feel that made it stick with Audi, VW, Volvo, and Mercedes in the lifted wagon game. The Subaru Outback is currently the king, and Buick seemingly gave up after just two years.

(4: Audi RS2 Avant

The Audi RS2 Avant performance wagon is long gone, but it started an era that changed the way enthusiasts look at wagons. It was succeeded by the ultimate RS6 Avant, but we still think the legend should be offered as a full tribute to the classic.

(5: BMW 3 Series Touring

The BMW 3 Series Touring left us for 2018, while Europe got the more stylish 2019 model afterwards. We still get the sedan over here, but this article is about wagons. A new M3 Touring is coming soon. We don't know if it is coming to the US or not, but it would be a hit for enthusiasts (despite the huge grille).

(6: Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum originally debuted as the ultimate performance wagon, but over time, it became the ultimate outdated wagon. That led to its demise. It had so much potential; they could have made it more of a Charger (or better yet, Challenger) wagon, just like the image above. It also roamed the Earth back when Dodge produced pickup trucks, crossovers, and minivans. Now that the struggling brand is now setting their sights on horsepower, this model could be the answer.

(7: Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Ferrari just announced the discontinuation of the beautiful GTC4 Lusso shooting brake, right after denying the fact. We'll miss it badly, but slow sales these days mean the end of a nameplate. You can still find the 812 Superfast (the GTC4's sedan sibling) on dealer lots, but shooting brake are so unique...


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