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A New Acura Integra Is Coming For 2023 Model Year

Acura has announced that one of its most popular models during the 1990's, the Integra performance coupe, is coming back next year as a 2023 model year vehicle. The Japanese automaker has released a teaser of a sleek car's front end, which includes a slightly altered version of the headlights seen on the new TLX and MDX, as well as the staple Diamond Pentagon grille. A small Integra badge is mounted just under the LED headlamps.

Acura hinted at the Integra's position in its model portfolio, stating that it will be a "compact premium entrant," meaning it will remain true to its past as a small performance car. Motortrend reached out to Acura, asking whether the new model will be offered in two- or four-door layout, or both. While the automotive magazine received a vague answer, we predict that Acura will try hard to attract fans to dealers by offering both a coupe and sedan. Either way, a Type S model is all but confirmed for the new Integra, due to leaked documents earlier this year hinting at a "small Type S sedan." A hatchback variant can't be ruled out either, as the original model was additionally offered in that body style, and the new Civic it will be based on also offers a hatchback.

Another mystery is what will happen to the ILX, which is Acura's current compact sedan offering. We haven't seen a redesigned ILX in ages, and it is still built on the ninth-generation Honda Civic's decade-old platform, so the Integra might replace the ILX to prevent the two models from competing with each other. If that ends up happening, expect the ILX to be discontinued before the 2023 model year at the latest. Acura says they will release more information on the revived Integra closer to its 2022 reveal.

Images: Acura


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