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A New Jeep Is Coming On November 17th

A new Jeep is coming on November 17th. This teaser doesn't say much, but we do know that a new Jeep model is debuting that day. We think it is a new Grand Cherokee, because prototypes have been spotted all over, and the current generation is about ten years old. Also, Jeep even announced a new Grand Cherokee by the end of 2020.

The new Grand Cherokee will feature a very luxurious interior, due to previous spy shots and leaked images. It'll also be different on the outside. It should be bigger, and we would assume that everything else will also change drastically, if not a little bit.

If this isn't the new Grand Cherokee, it could be a facelifted Compass (prototypes for that have also been spotted a lot lately), or some sort of Wagoneer-related model.

Images: CarBuzz


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