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All-New Toyota Sequoia Is Finally Coming After Over A Decade

The fact that the current Toyota Sequoia is long overdue is an understatement. Toyota's full-size SUV is over a decade old, and has been overshadowed by numerous generations of its American competitors over the years. While Toyota has given it a small facelift, new tech, and a handful of special editions in recent years, buyers have mostly forgotten about the Sequoia. Toyota is finally ready to reveal the 2023 Sequoia, and if the new Tundra is a hint at what's to come, we're in for a surprise.

Toyota has released two teasers hinting at the SUV's boxy rear, which includes trendy wide Sequoia lettering across the lift gate, as well as slim taillights. The new Sequoia also seems to trade out the outgoing model's truck-like styling for a more dynamic look. Sharp character lines extend from the taillights and towards the rear doors, while the greenhouse resembles the smaller Highlander. We don't get a look at the front, but reports suggest that it will stay true to the 2022 Tundra's design, just like the current Sequoia did with the older pickup. Also expect the extremely capable TRD Pro off-road trim to return later on, and possibly the luxurious Capstone trim found in the Tundra.

Inside, we are expecting a huge upgrade over the outgoing SUV's outdated interior, like improved materials and the Tundra's 14" infotainment. We just hope that the interior is still as cavernous as the current model, in order to match the spacious competition from America. In terms of performance, the Sequoia should offer the Tundra's i-Force Max hybrid powertrain. This should solve the fuel economy woes that plague the current Sequoia. Wishful thinking aside, all will be revealed this Tuesday, January 25, at 9:30 PM EST.

Are you excited to see the next-gen Sequoia?

Images: Toyota


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