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Ann Arbor Police Department Purchases Two Mustang Mach-E Interceptors

The Ann Arbor, Michigan Police Department purchased two Ford Mustang Mach-E police cars to sit alongside the Explorer-based Ford Police Interceptor Utility last month. The EV's, along with Level 2 chargers, comes to a total of about $123,549, plus a $5,000 fee for installation of the chargers. The city fleet manager says that "the Mach-E is an all-electric, small crossover vehicle that is new on the market. As a fully electric vehicle, this purchase is consistent with many of the city's established sustainability efforts including the Green Fleets Policy and the A2Zero Plan."

The Mach-E police vehicles are all-wheel drive models, which were chosen for extra durability and range. Also, the vehicles are apparently replacing two old police interceptors. The duo may be the first EV police cars for Ann Arbor, but they definitely won't be the last, as the city is aiming for more plug-in hybrids and EVs to reach their goal of carbon-neutrality as soon as 2030. Also, one hundred electric vehicle chargers will be installed further into the year.

No images have been released by Ford or the city of Ann Arbor, but it should wear similar black and blue graphics to the current fleet, as well as flashing red and blue lights near the grille, headlights, and taillights. You'll likely see the Mustang Mach-E's patrolling the streets of Ann Arbor later this year.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

Image Credits: Ford


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