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Another Coupe Could Be Discontinued

Coupes are not doing well at all. Mercedes is discontinuing every coupe they have, Honda is getting rid of the Civic Coupe, Nissan's 370Z is being replaced, the Smart ForTwo is now forbidden, VW axed the Beetle, Buick's Cascada is gone, the Cadillac ATS is chopped, BMW's 8 Series is in doubt, and even the Camaro is on shaky ground. Could Infiniti join the frenzy?

Nissan is not doing well, but we think they're okay, since they are overhauling the entire lineup. Infiniti is doing even worse. The cars are aging, discontinuation is certain for a few models (Q70, Q70L, Q30, QX30) and Nissan's troubles don't help. Infiniti is really drowning.

So, they are planning on turning into 'Nissan Plus'. Basically, they are going to be faster, more luxurious Nissans with Infiniti badges and Infiniti styling. So, we expect every model (except the QX80) to be redesigned. New models should also be on the way. Plans of the new Q80 large sedan are likely underwater (canceled). We think that the Q50 should be either an electric rebadged Altima or Maxima replacement, and the 2021 Pathfinder-based QX60 is in development. The QX50 should be a rebadged Rogue, and some new EVs are probably coming. But, where's the Q60 in these plans? We'd expect the Q60 to be a rebadged 400Z, but that might not happen.

Infiniti's Nissan-Plus approach is the realization that they are more premium than luxury, and Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Cadillac are not their level. The popularity of crossovers and SUVs are leaving sedan and coupe sales dwindling. The Q50 is their only sedan, and the Q60 coupe is doing even worse, with just over 5,000 2019 sales, which spells trouble.

CarBuzz states that the Q60 and Q50 could morph into one single model, AKA, a four-door coupe, which is what the Qs Inspiration Concept was, and that model should be based on it. This is sad news, but it's reality for all coupes these days.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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