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Aston Martin Launches New Brand Identity, Redesigned Logo

Just after receiving a life-saving investment from the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund, Aston Martin has unveiled an all-new logo alongside its new slogan, Intensity. Driven. Throughout its 109-year history, this is only the eighth time that the British marque has tweaked its logo, though the changes aren't anything revolutionary.

The iconic wings design remains, but it has been modernized to take on a new era for the automaker. The new emblem is hand-crafted by artisans in Birmingham's jewelry quarter.

The redesigned emblem won't make its way onto Aston Martin's cars anytime soon, as the brand's next generation of sports cars will be the first to wear this new set of wings. While we don't know exactly when an all-new Aston model is coming, we will be seeing the logo on Aston Martin's F1 team livery at the French Grand Prix this weekend. However, the vehicle will still have the old logo in front, in recognition of the company's first entry into the race 100 years ago.

To accompany the adjusted logo, Aston Martin has also released a new slogan, Intensity. Driven. The revamped motto was introduced in a short film that features all five of the marque's high-performance cars, including the V12 Vantage and Valkyrie. An all-new marketing campaign will also launch globally in the form of social, print, and digital assets.

Can you spot the differences on Aston's new logo?

Images: Aston Martin


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