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Audi Has Informed Dealers About A Full-size, Three Row SUV Coming In 2025

According to Automotive News, Audi recently told dealers about a new full-size SUV that will launch in 2025, entering a segment that Audi has never touched before, where it will compete with the Mercedes GLS and BMW X7. This new three-row would sit at the very top of the automaker's crossover lineup as its largest model yet.

We've been hearing rumors about the Q9 for years now, with the company filing trademarks for the name as far back as 2013. That same year, former Audi boss Rupert Stadler said that he wanted to add a full-size SUV to the range. "We see a great deal of potential," he stated at the time. "Especially in the prestigious full-size category."

The Q9 will be tailored for Audi's two biggest markets, the US and China, where full-size luxury SUVs have proven to be very popular. It will also be one of the last gas-powered models from the automaker, since every new Audi after 2026 will be fully electric.

It seems that Audi has been working on this supposed Q9 for a while, with design boss Mark Lichte telling Autocar back in 2018 that the company had "so many ideas."

Would you consider a full-size Audi over an X7 or GLS?

Images: Audi


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