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Audi Teases High-Riding Activesphere Concept

Audi has teased its fourth 'sphere' concept car called the Activesphere, which will join the current Skysphere, Grandsphere and Urbansphere concepts. The Activephere appears to be a high-riding sedan, a new body style that has shown lots of popularity as of late. It will be fully unveiled at the beginning of next year.

This upcoming concept might even boast some off-roading prowess, with Audi stating that the Activesphere "will offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle – both on and off pavement." The teaser image shows a sedan with a sleek roofline similar to the E-Tron GT, but there is also a very high ground clearance, along with stylish wheels wrapped in bulky tires. The rest of the car continues the design theme shown in the other sphere concepts, like the thin headlights with bold LED signatures.

Each sphere concept gives some sort of preview of Audi's all-electric future, with a focus on things like innovative interiors and autonomous driving tech. It's unclear whether the Activesphere will end up as a production car, or if this is just a design exercise. We do know that last year's Grandsphere concept will eventually translate into the A8's electric successor, and certain parts of the Skysphere convertible will appear in some future models. Meanwhile, Audi's trio of current sphere concepts can be seen on display at Monterey Car Week.

Do you think Audi should make a production version of the Activesphere?

Images: Audi


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