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Bentley Mulliner Batur Previews Revolutionary Design Changes For The Brand

Bentley has used the same design direction for some time, with minor changes over the years. The latest coach-built model from Mulliner, the Batur, has been unveiled at Monterey Car Week. It gives a preview of what Bentley's electric models will look like, and it seems that the brand is ready to shake things up.

The most noticeable difference at first glance is the disappearance of Bentley's split rounded headlights, a detail that makes its current vehicles instantly recognizable. They have been replaced with sharper, if not more conventional triple-beam lights. There are also slim daytime running lights that stick out toward the fenders. Elsewhere, the grille is slightly squarer, the front fascia is much more assertive, and the taillights are very thin. The Batur also wears sharp 22-inch wheels.

This revolutionary new design theme will make it way onto Bentley's EV lineup, as part of its "Beyond100" approach. But while the Batur flaunts the styling used on the brand's electric models, this grand tourer is not battery-powered. Instead, it utilizes a good old 6.0 liter W12 engine, making 710 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. These specs make the Batur Bentley's most powerful production vehicle ever. For the smoothest performance possible, Bentley has also included an advanced air suspension, electronic limited-slip differential, four-wheel steering, and electric active anti-roll.

For those who don't want Bentley's traditional styling to change, they'll be glad to hear that the Batur's cabin remains very familiar. Everything from the rotating display to the circular air vents have been kept the same, just like in the Mulliner Bacalar, among other Bentley models. The only aspect that has changed is the materials, which are curated to each customer's liking. The updated materials shift to a more sustainable approach, with a choice of Scottish or Italian leather, or Dinamica faux suede. For the first time ever, the carpets are made out of recycled yarn. Also, carbon fiber trim has been replaced with a natural fiber composite. Buyers with more excessive taste can opt for 3D-printed details made of 18-karat gold.

Only 18 examples of the Batur will be produced, though each one is already spoken for. The grand tourer is priced at around $2 million. After the final testing stages are finished, production will start early next year. The first deliveries will happen later in the year.

Do you like Bentley's latest design direction?

Images: Bentley

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Aug 27, 2022

Love that grill!


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