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BMW i8 Successor Reportedly Canceled

The BMW i8 represented BMW's cool, plug-in-hybrid future. But, that was 2015. Now, BMW is ready to make an even better plug-in-hybrid sports car. But, it seems that plan has been dropped. This is a strange move, since BMW released the M Next concept, which previewed this new performance car. It would have been a great successor to the i8, mixing autonomous driving tech, exterior and interior design, connectivity, and electrification all in one. BMW Blog states that the M Vision plans are not happening for several reasons, but BMW hasn't said anything yet.

There could be a COVID-19 related reason. Automakers everywhere are starting to focus only on the cars that sell well. The i8 did not sell so well, and the M Next probably wouldn't either. It seems that BMW does not want to take any risks.

Investing in their growing EV range is probably more valuable than an i8 successor at the moment, but hopefully it will come around later in the decade.

Source Credits: Motor1


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