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BMW i8 Will Be Gone In April

The sporty hybrid BMW sports car, (AKA the i8) will be discontinued in favor of a new electric lineup in 2021, including the iX3 SUV, iNext SUV, and the i4 sedan. This plan sounds very similar to VW'S plans. (Read VW i4 Revealed In Teaser) It is sad, considering our excitement over its futuristic looks back in 2015. Until the i4 comes on sale, we still have the wacky i3 crossover around. If the R8 was already discontinued and it successor came just in time, a new segment would be born, likely increasing sales. But sadly, the electric German sports car segment did not happen. We wish it did. (No offense, Audi R8!) What really drove people away was its incredibly expensive $147,500 starting price, plus its futuristic looks might not be for everyone. Its blue trim was cool, but the part we will miss the most is the sleek, luxurious, amazing i8 Roadster. The rear wing looks beautiful with the doors open and no top.

A final review will include more information on the electric car of the future that will soon be stuck in the past.


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