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Bugatti Chiron, Bolide Sold Out In Record-Breaking 2021

Back in 2016, Bugatti revealed its next multi-million-dollar hypercar, the Chiron. It soon became the pinnacle of all performance cars, with its otherworldly 8.0 liter W-12 engine. Since its launch five years ago, we saw multiple special editions, including the Pur Sport and Super Sport 300+ (and yes, that means it can reach 300 mph). We always knew our favorite performance car would eventually sell all 500 units, and that time has come.

Bugatti has announced that you can no longer buy a new Chiron or Bolide, as both limited-run hypercars have finally been sold out. Both of these powerful Bugattis were revered for their undefeated performance and mouth-watering designs. As for the Bolide, it only took two months for all 40 units to find customers. 150 buyers purchased a new Bugatti last year, and 60% of which were new to the brand. Those numbers break records for the exclusive marque.

Now that the Chiron and Bolide have been put out to pasture, the future of the legendary W-16 powertrain is very bleak. Last year, Croatian electric automaker Rimac bought Bugatti from Volkswagen Group. Thankfully, Rimac's lineup consists of the 2000-hp Nevera supercar, which sprints from 0-60 in a wicked 1.85 seconds. If the Chiron's successor were to boast similar numbers, there is a very large chance that it'll have to be electric. Even if the next great Bugatti lacks the experience (and noise) that comes from a W-16, we can at least trust that Bugatti knows what they're doing.

Will you miss the Chiron and its amazing W-16 engine?

Images: Bugatti


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