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Cadillac Celestiq Might Have 18-Month Waitlist Despite $300K Price Tag

The Cadillac Celestiq electric flagship looks to change how buyers see the American luxury brand, and it just might be working. If all perspective customers decide to carry out a purchase, the battery-powered sedan will be sold out for 18 months, and this is in spite of the astronomical $300,000 starting price.

However, those who make an offer on a such a car usually don't end up making a final purchase, as there are usually things that come up that could force them to cancel. Cadillac hasn't yet specified exactly how many people truly plan on buying a Celestiq.

Celestiq Chief Engineer Tony Roma expects that the company will build two units per day, as most of the car will be hand-built. Much like Rolls-Royce, each Celestiq will be unique to its owner's tastes, which somewhat makes up for the Rolls-esque pricing.

The Celestiq should be capable of making up to 600 hp (447 kW) and 640 lb-ft of torque (866 Nm) by the time it enters production. Adding to the Celestiq's exclusivity is its all-glass roof with four different panels that can adjust the level of opaqueness at the simple push of a button. And the larger the screens, the more luxurious it is, right? Maybe in Cadillac's opinion, as there are five different displays throughout the interior, including a gargantuan 55-inch central screen.

The idea of a $300,000 Cadillac has seemingly proven popular among the select few that have that kind of money laying around, even when you could buy something with a much more prestigious badge. But that's exactly the point. Cadillac has created a six-figure luxury barge in an effort to climb up the ladder of prestige, to turn that illuminated crest into something a bit more desirable. GM estimates that the Celestiq will officially enter production late next year, with customers receiving their cars at around the same time.

If you could spend $300K on a car, would you buy a Celestiq?

Images: Cadillac


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