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Cadillac Teases The Posh And Pricey Celestiq EV

The Celestiq is Cadillac's long-awaited fastback EV, making its way into the lineup as the marque's first real flagship in years. This week, it will be revealed as a close-to-production concept, also known as a 'show car.' As you can see, Cadillac will go above and beyond to showcase what it will be able to do in the EV era, but that'll apparently cost you roughly $300,000, which will put a larger dent in your wallet than some Bentleys.

Cadillac Teases The Posh And Pricey Celestiq EV

Cadillac Teases The Posh And Pricey Celestiq EV

Caddy says that the Celestiq will be hand-built at GM's Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. "Through a creative collaboration, each Celestiq created will evoke a personal connection with every customer," the automaker said. This means that the electric flagship will be tailored to the customer's tastes, which is a common practice at this price point.

Cadillac Teases The Posh And Pricey Celestiq EV

Cadillac Teases The Posh And Pricey Celestiq EV

A slew of teaser images reveal most of the show car's cabin, and a few glimpses of the snoopy exterior. Starting with the former, a "coast-to-coast" touchscreen dominates the dashboard, and is Cadillac's answer to the Mercedes Hyperscreen. There is also a smaller display sitting below, likely for the climate controls. In the rear, another climate display sticks out of the rear center console, and there are also rear entertainment screens for both seats. We already know that the latter will include active privacy settings to prevent the other passenger from seeing your screen. While we expect the four seat layout to carry over to production, the outlandish seats will probably be toned down. But all in all, the Celestiq boasts a very tech-heavy experience, whether you consider that a positive or a negative.

Moving out to the exterior, we basically see a stretched Lyriq with a long, bulbous rear end. Reports told us long ago that the Celestiq would have a long, low hood with a cab-rearward silhouette, and the images seem to agree. Up above, we know from past teasers that there will be a full glass roof with four sections that can be adjusted to separate dimming settings, for each of the four occupants. Switching your piece of the roof from clear to opaque to transparent will likely be one of few physical controls in the Celestiq.

Germany has been overshadowing American luxury brands like Cadillac for decades, but it seems like that will change in the electric age. The Celestiq will offer sleek styling, loads of tech, and some breakthrough innovations that could really have competitors scrambling to produce something that can match it. But it's still questionable whether all of that will be worth such a high price tag.

Do you think that clients will be willing to pay $300K for a Cadillac?

Images: Cadillac


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