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Chevrolet Expands Fire Risk Recall To Bolt EUV

After about nine reported Chevrolet Bolt EV fires began to pop up, it became known that defects in the electric hatchback's batteries elevated the risk of a fire. GM recalled tons of 2017-2019 Bolt EV models to replace their battery modules in November 2020, just before the 2022 Bolt was revealed. Another recall has recently begun, and it covers pretty much every Bolt EV ever sold. The recall should cost Chevrolet almost $1 billion. It includes pre-facelift 2020-2021 Bolt EV models, as well as a few 2019 models that were not included last time. The all-new 2022 Bolt is also included, since GM didn't address the issue during the vehicle's development. But, the latest news from this recall is the addition of the new Bolt EUV electric crossover, which just came on sale. The EUV uses the same battery as its Bolt EV counterpart, which is built by LG in South Korea.

GM says an actual fire caused by the defects is rare, as less than ten incidents have occurred as of this writing. But, it's better safe than sorry, as over 70,000 (73,018 to be specific) vehicles are now included in this recall. As owners of the EVs get notified for the recall to replace the battery modules, GM's executive vice president of global product development, Doug Parks, stated, "As leaders in the transition to an all-electric future, we know that building and maintaining trust is critical. GM customers can be confident in our commitment to taking the steps to ensure the safety of these vehicles."

Neither GM nor Chevrolet has announced when the fixed batteries will be ready to ship to dealers for the affected vehicles at this time.

Images: Chevrolet


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