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Chrysler 300 Soldiers On For 2022, With Even Less Features

We still remember when reporting that the Chrysler 300 was stripped of several trim levels and features for 2021, and wondering if it would live to see 2022. Well, it is, with even less specifications than before. It almost seems like Chrysler is slowly getting rid of the 300, eating away at its features until there are none left. At that point, they might even begin to take away parts. Would anyone be interested in a decade-old sedan without a suspension? While Chrysler isn't that crazy, we're surprised that the American marque hasn't already killed off this aging sedan.

A report from Mopar Insiders has revealed that the 2022 300 will see various features disappear from the options list, most of them being colors and materials. (We know what you're hiding in your press release, Chrysler.) The first to go will be two optional exterior colors: Canyon Sunset and Amethyst. This mostly sucks the fun out of the 300's design, especially with the departure of the sporty 300C variant in 2021. Now, the only available exterior colors are white, silver, blue, and black. Additionally, the Radar Red and Smoke Black interior colors are no longer available.

As for the available packages, Chrysler has dropped the $1,500 Chrome Appearance Package. It added 20” aluminum rims, a platinum grille, and side mirrors and badging in chrome. The Driver Convenience Group has also been discontinued, which offered much-needed features like LED fog lights, a universal garage door opener, 18“ wheels, remote start, and an independent suspension.

These features served as the only perks that kept the 300 unique in its fading class, and leaves it as a vanilla contender in a class that is otherwise easy to break the barriers in. Now that the majority of the 300’s features have been discontinued, it’s evident that Chrysler wants to cut the price and get these sedans off the lots. Therefore, we highly doubt that this sedan will carry into 2023. With the 300 sedan likely on its way out and the basic Voyager minivan switching to fleet-only sales, Chrysler will be left with the Pacifica as its only model, which spells trouble. Stellantis is giving the brand ten years to clean things up, and any new model would keep the lights on at this point.

Is the Chrysler 300 overstaying its welcome? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Stellantis


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