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Coolest Ford Cars Never Sold In The US

Ford may be an American company, but that doesn't mean its entire global lineup is available in America. Ford example, after the Focus and Fiesta were discontinued over here, they received another generation in Europe. But some cars from Ford never stepped foot on American soil. Quite a few of those cars are very exciting ones that American car enthusiasts wanted over here. The list below is full of cool Ford's that were never sold in the US, and are now discontinued.

(1: Ford Troller TX4

The Ford Troller TX4 off-roader was part of Ford's South American 'Troller' sub-brand, and was a tougher version of the Troller T4. It was still considered a Ford model, yet it was advertised on a separate website, sold in Troller's own dealerships, and it didn't even wear the Ford badge. Strange. Part of why Americans were jealous of those who could buy the TX4 was because the Bronco wasn't around at the time. The Ford Troller lineup was discontinued quite recently, when Ford's Brazil plant went up for sale, spelling the end for the Troller T4/TX4, EcoSport crossover, and Figo compact car.

(2: Ford Falcon Ute XR6

Yes, the Ford Falcon did exist in the US about 50 years ago, but is was revived in Australia after a short hiatus as a performance sedan, and later, Holden-competing ute. Utes are basically sedans with pickup truck beds, and are exclusive to Australia, but both Ford and Holden recently discontinued their popular ute vehicles. The Ford Falcon Ute shared a sporty XR6 with the sedan version, and it was very speedy and exciting to Australians. Sadly, Ford discontinued the Falcon sedan and ute in 2016 when its factory closed, ending production for the former and the Territory crossover.

(3: Ford Falcon XR Sprint

Ford's last Falcon generation was one of the best, featuring a sporty lineup consisting of the a sedan and ute. The Ford Falcon XR Sprint is an example of how the ute wasn't the only cool Falcon variant. Ford introduced the Falcon XR Sprint high-performance sedan as a final wave goodbye to the much-loved Australian car in 2016. Although, the Falcon lives on in China as the latest Taurus sedan, sitting alongside other exclusive sedans like the Fusion and Escort.

(4: Ford Territory

The Ford Territory may sound like some sort of spinoff of the rugged, and also non-US, SUV, the Everest. But it's quite the opposite. The Ford Territory was an electric midsize crossover, which arguably resembled Range Rover's Evoque, and it had a luxurious ambience. The interior had a very clean design, with the large infotainment system fitting seamlessly into the shiny black gloss trim. It was sold in China and various parts of South America and Southeast Asia. When one of Ford's Australian factories where the Territory was built shuttered for good, the lavish electric crossover suffered the same fate as the Falcon. Asian markets still seem to be getting the Territory into dealers, though.

(5: Ford StreetKa

The Ford StreetKa was never sold in the US, though we wish it was. The bubbly convertible, based on the StreetKa concept released by Ghia, came out in 2003, and sparked interest in many Americans. But, it was purely a European car. It was a variant of Europe's Ka city car, produced in Poland by Fiat, and sold exclusively in Europe. Only a few of the limited edition roadster remain, so it is rare to spot one anywhere, especially on US roads.

Source Credits: Ford (Territory, Troller, Falcon), Auto Evolution (StreetKa)


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