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Corvette Badge Could Expand To An Electric Sedan, SUV

As the whole automotive industry shifts to EVs, this will eventually include ICE age legends like the Corvette. The sports car will slowly make the transition with an upcoming hybrid variant, but while a fully electric 'Vette isn't set to arrive until the next generation comes, the first all-electric Corvette we'll be seeing might take the form of a sedan.

Corvette Badge Could Expand To An Electric Sedan, SUV

According to a report from Muscle Cars and Trucks, GM is allegedly working on a few Corvette-badged EVs, with the first being a direct rival to the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S. This electric sedan could lift Chevy into premium territory when it launches in 2025. The addition of another Corvette model will apparently see the nameplate get spun off into its own sub brand, much like what Ford has done with the Mustang and its Mach E crossover counterpart.

Speaking of crossovers, a battery-powered Corvette SUV might also be in the works, whether you like it or not. It will arrive after the sedan goes on sale, and is rumored to share its platform with the Cadillac Celestiq. Like the aforementioned sedan, this premium SUV will be geared towards Porsche buyers.

Corvette Badge Could Expand To An Electric Sedan, SUV

Turning the Corvette into an entire subbrand will take a lot of time and money for Chevy, but it might end up paying off as it could introduce a whole new customer base to the brand. Like we mentioned before, an all-electric Corvette won't join its SUV and sedan counterparts until much later, when the next-generation C9 makes its debut. For now, the C8 model will gain an E-Ray hybrid variant, adding two electric motors and an AWD drivetrain.

Do you think this rumored Corvette subbrand will prove successful?

Images: Chevrolet


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