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EV Startup Fering Reveals Rugged Pioneer Truck

An new electric automaker startup called Fering has just revealed renderings of a new Pioneer pickup truck, and it looks promising. The British manufacturer was founded by Ben Scott-Geddes, a former engineer for both McLaren and Ferrari.

Despite its monstrous appearance, Fering claims that the Pioneer is about the size of a Ford Mondeo wagon, and boasts a similar weight to the average hatchback. The Pioneer is also powered by just two electric motors, mostly due to its small size. Fering says those motors provide "instant torque, controllability and reliability." To be more specific, this truck produces 600Nm of torque, which is more than most other off-roaders. Range comes in at a mere 50 miles, but there is a range extender generator available for more treacherous journeys. There is also an 800cc 3-cylinder combustion engine range extender, which runs on biodiesel. This small engine is capable of charging the battery while running the electric motors when the electric range runs out.

The Fering Pioneer's batteries are not what you'd find in any other EV either; since the conventional lithium-ion units aren't capable of lasting through rough weather, Fering decided to create a new chemistry to fix this problem. The Pioneer's batteries are made with lithium titanate oxide cells, and Fering says they are "designed to survive extreme weather conditions." The Pioneer is very lightweight too, with a curb weight of 1,500 kg, and this was achieved with a spaceframe consisting of aluminum. Additionally, the exterior panels are made of a tough fabric found in hiking boots, rather than metal and fiberglass. This is said to be easier to replace than metal panels, offer increased insulation, and even deter most damage. The electric truck is even able to carry its own weight of 1,500 kg, which serves as its payload capacity. The Pioneer's lightweight body and small electric powertrain allow up to 50 miles per gallon in fuel economy, which surpasses most other 4x4 vehicles. Fering says the Pioneer retains this unofficial number even with discharged batteries. Long-range tanks are included in the Pioneer too, and prevent the need for refueling for up to 7,000 kilometers. In other situations, these tanks can also hold water.

This truck can be modified in many ways, and can be configured with larger batteries and other types of range extenders, including fuel cell units. Fering boasts that offering both a battery and a generator in the same package enables the Pioneer to serve in emergency situations as well, especially in distant locations. The wheels are made to help the electric truck reach those destinations, with rims that measure 22.5 inches. There is also a Union Jack symbol integrated into the tailgate to represent the Fering Pioneer's home country, but it its bars are also said to serve as improved rigidity for the rear panel. The startup also claims that an "end of life" (recycled for its materials) is not expected for the Pioneer, since its panels and other parts can easily be replaced at any time.

Early prototypes for the Fering Pioneer are currently undergoing "rigorous" testing, and potential customers and other firms are evaluating the vehicle. Production of the electric pickup is expected to begin in the first half of next year.

Does the Pioneer look appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Fering Technologies


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