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Expect A Lot Of EVs From GM In The Near Future

As most of us know, GM dedicated themselves to EVs. They're ditching the traditional combustion engine that fueled cars for years as soon as possible. It's evident with the Cadillac Lyriq, Chevy Bolt, and stunning Hummer EV. But, GM is far from done. Very far.

We expected their next EVs to be revealed in 2021, dripping into 2022, 2023, and even 2024. But, GM CEO Mary Barra said they "will definitely bring EVs to market faster than what the plan was a year ago. GM has learned a lot in the last year, and the speed at which we're developing the [Cadillac] Lyriq and the [GMC] Hummer are evidence of that."

While recently revealed models are set to keep their on-sale dates according to plan, future EV cars will surely see their reveal and release dates happen sooner than expected. These upcoming vehicles will be a lot to take in. The large number of upcoming EV models is largely thanks to their flexible, new Ultium battery, which "is going to allow [GM] to have vehicles in high volume segments," Barra said this week. "We will have entries across our brands and across our segments."

The EVs we will be seeing throughout 2021, and even next month, will cover many segments. Luxury and high-volume EVs, not including the Hummer and Cadillac Lyriq, will be the hand-built Cadillac Celestiq flagship luxury sedan, an electrified Escalade, and three more EVs from Cadillac, and lower-volume cars will be a batch of Buick SUVs (yes, they are not bringing successors to the Regal and LaCrosse), the self-driving Cruise Origin, some electric Chevy's, the revised Bolt EV, and the new Bolt EUV crossover.

Source Credits: CarBuzz


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