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Fiat 500e Electric Hatchback Coming To The United States In 2024

Fiat has announced at the Los Angeles auto show that the all-electric 500e city car will be launching in North America, though an official reveal isn't happening until next year's LA auto show, meaning that we won't be seeing it on US roads until 2024. Until then, Fiat has shown us three one-offs to ease the wait. The 500e one-offs were penned by Armani, Kartell, and Bvlgari.

"Fiat is the perfect brand in the U.S. to play a significant role in the [EV] revolution," read a press release from the automaker. "The new 500e is irresistibly cool, small and Italian; it is the ultimate fashion accessory." The statement then goes on to say that the 500e will be exclusively offered with an electric powertrain—a gas version will not be offered when the US-spec model arrives in the first quarter of 2024.

Over in Europe, the 500e has been on sale for a few years now, offering hardtop and convertible variants, as well as a quirky 3+1 version with a tiny third door. Two battery sizes are available there, with A 24 kWh unit delivering 115 miles of range and a larger 42 kWh unit with 199 miles of range. It's unclear whether both of these powertrains will carry over stateside, or if a larger battery is planned with even more range.

When the 2024 500e goes on sale, it will mark the return of the Italian icon after a four-year hiatus. It will slot in below the 500X small crossover, which currently stands as Fiat's lone US offering.

Are you excited about the return of the 500, or do you think Fiat should have developed a larger model?

Images: Fiat


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