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Five Automakers That Still Care About Sedans

You may think sedans are over, but a few of them are still thriving bestsellers, and aren't going anywhere. These brands include some of the best sedans in the market.

(1: Honda

The Accord and Civic are some of the most common cars on the road. Why get rid of them? Honda will never ditch sedans.

(2: Toyota

Like Honda, Toyota's Camry and Corolla are true bestsellers that will never leave us. The Camry is even America's favorite sedan!

(3: BMW

BMW would never ditch a segment they helped define. Even though SUVs like the X1, X3, and X5 are outselling them, they are a part of BMW.

(4: Hyundai

The latest Sonata and Elantra are proof that Hyundai wants to bring people back to sedans with unique styling and advanced technology. Hyundai wouldn't get rid of sedans, at least for now.

(5: Kia

Okay, fine, the Telluride is the best car on the planet (literally) and the Soul is the world's best urban car. But, Kia tells us they are not giving up. The latest Optima is a great example.


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