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Ford Closes The Book On Sixth-Gen Mustang With Nite Pony Package

As the all-new, seventh-generation Mustang looms on the horizon, Ford has unveiled the long-awaited Nite Pony package for the current version of the sport car. This will be the last special edition to be offered on the sixth-generation model, and is essentially the complete opposite of last year's Ice White package.

So far, Ford has only given us images of the package, along with the name that was chosen. Out of the four finalists, the automaker picked 'Nite Pony,' which we wouldn't exactly say is the best choice. Aside from the name, the images indicate that the Nite Pony will be available for both the Mustang coupe and its Mach E SUV counterpart. It can be had solely in EcoBoost form on the regular Mustang, while the Mach E offers it in Premium or GT Performance guise.

No matter which model you choose, the Nite Pony package adds black accents on everything, including the grille, wheels, window trim, and side skirts. The only component that hasn't been blacked out is the lights. We don't know which exterior colors will be offered with the Nite Pony aside from black, though the Mach E GT is shown in a bright shade of yellow.

Official details should be released very soon, since the next-generation Mustang is slated for a September 14th reveal. The Nite Pony will only be offered for the 2023 model year, before the seventh generation arrives in 2024.

Do you like the name 'Nite Pony?'

Images: Ford


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