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Ford Finally Announces When The Bronco Will Be Unveiled

Rewind to 2017 at NAIAS, when Ford announced the legendary Bronco's revival. A few years later, we see spy prototypes on the road (and off). Back in March, the world was eager to see it, until it was delayed due to COVID-19. Ford recently announced that the SUV will debut in July, just missing its spring debut date. Now, Ford has finally announced that we will get to see the Bronco will be revealed on Thursday, July 9th. No specific time was announced, but we could expect an online reveal.

It is coming to take on the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, GMC Hummer SUV and Mercedes G Class. We are wondering, though, when the Bronco Sport will show its face. Will we see it alongside the Bronco? Until then, we cannot wait to see what it can do.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

*Update* The Ford Bronco's reveal date has been moved to July 13th.

Image Credits: Ford, Bronco6G, Car and Driver (rendering)


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