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Ford To Discontinue Mondeo Sedan In Europe

In 2018, Ford pledged to wipe out all passenger cars except for the Mustang, and the C-Max, Focus, Fiesta, and Taurus already became victims. The Fusion midsize sedan was the latest to be discontinued, but now its European sibling, the Mondeo, is officially ending production after thirty years, and marks that end of Ford sedans for both North America and Europe. The last Mondeo will roll of the assembly line in March 2022, so it still has a year to go.

The Mondeo's main difference between the Fusion and itself is its wagon variant. Not surprisingly, the Ford Fusion was never sold as a wagon, and Ford has no plans to send any of its remaining wagon models to the US. The Mondeo was sold in many other regions besides Europe when it came on sale in 1993 to replace the aging Sierra, and was known as the Ford Contour in the US. A more luxurious version was also offered; the Mercury Mystique. By 2009, the Mondeo split from its US counterparts, which were transformed into the Fusion and Mercury Milan we know (or knew) today. Styling, engines, and other parts remained similar, though.

Mondeo sales have been decreasing over the past few years, with 39% of European Ford sales being SUVs, which is a sole reason why it is going to be dropped next year. Ford calls it "changing customer preference." The automaker will soon hybridize most of the Mondeo lineup, until it is replaced with a hybrid lifted wagon/coupe crossover, which should be called the Fusion Active and sold in various markets. The only place where new Ford sedans are still seen is Asia, where you can still find the Focus sedan, Fusion, Escort, and an all-new 2021 Taurus.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

Images: Ford


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